Legal Force offers a range of collection services for all Local Government receivables including:

  • Overdue rates
  • Sundry debts
  • Water charges

Our dedicated account managers are responsible for each client’s matters, from initial placement of debt right through to final payment, we assure that all matters are actively managed from beginning to end. Clients are kept fully aware of their accounts with up to the minute information and informed professional advice.

Why Legal Force?

The Extra Mile

At Legal Force we go the extra mile for our clients. We ensure that we deliver the highest quality services to both our clients and the community.

First Class Results

Legal Force differentiates itself from other agencies through the superior outcomes that are achieved by not only managing processes efficiently but by identifying and managing exceptions.

Fast and Effective Skip Tracing

Our account managers are capable of locating missing debtors and this service is provided for free on all legal accounts.

A Sensitive Approach

A sensitive approach is often required when collecting monies from customers who might be in financial difficulty, our collectors are trained to negotiate repayment plans which ensure the speediest possible recoveries.


We have dedicated and experienced account managers that go out of their way to ensure delivery of high quality services for both clients and customers. Legal Force’s account managers have a thorough understanding of:

  • Local Government Act (1993)
  • Civil Procedure Act & Regulation 2005
  • Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Act & Regulation 2004
  • National Privacy Principals and relevant industry Codes of Conduct

ISO 9001

Legal Force is Quality Assured and is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Legal Force maintains a complete Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to the standard required by our ASX listed parent company Credit Corp Group Limited.

Competitive Fees

Significantly reduced costs, contact us on 1800 030 402.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Efficiency and effectiveness through the use of leading technology systems and online access.


Detailed reports are available to Council in tailored formats at any time. Reports include:

  • Initial debts loaded
  • Recovery actions
  • Payment notifications
  • Recoverable costs incurred
  • Current outstanding balances

Legal Force works with clients to determine the most suitable approach to deliver its services.